5 Errors in Makeup …

Makeup techniques advance more and more and more, we see celebrities on television makeup look perfect with spectacular effects and no trace of failures.

Found in social networking examples of how to achieve a perfect makeup step by step, but at the time to take action we realize that our makeup was not equal to photography; probably it’s because we made some mistakes or not apply the right products to get the desired results.

So right away I’m talking about the five most common errors in makeup and frequent…

Forgot apply PRIMER Eye

This product is important if you want the shadow set and lasts much longer and always looks in place; what did you use? Test it! Especially if your skin is dry, as the shadow tends to come or split.

No eye blur shadow

If you applied eye shadow with the applicator sponge in the area of the eyelid and presto! … Probably the final effect was only the combination of 2-tone shades, very heavy and unnatural. It is therefore important add to your kit of brushes, brush the Blender Brush; to melt tones to achieve a natural, sexy and professional look.

You applied a bad eyelinerKong: Skull Island live streaming film

Surely your pulse is not very good or simply have not practiced your eyeliner application technique. Therefore it is important to use some special tape to apply right down the outside of the eye and tear as well just stick with the eye pencil line; you will see that will achieve a “Cat Eye” perfect.

* You picked the wrong area for eye concealer

If you’re applying concealer white area to diffuse the ojera tear; which will cause you to look a raccoon out! … effect First of all choose a means corrector (similar to your skin tone) to cover the eye cup, apply little product and blend with a sponge for makeup or using a small brush Concealer.

You’re using the wrong eye makeup remover

Stop using baby oil or extra-greasy facial cream for eyes area!

Remember that this area is very delicate and tends to generate its own greasers, so it is very important to choose the right products and events for this area; you can choose it in liquid duo (excellent for removing waterproof mascara) or liquid cream (remember eye cream).

There you have it, these are the 5 errors in makeup that you should avoid at all costs, if you liked the post let your comment.

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