Makeup tips you did not know …

Makeup tips

How often it happens that we go in the car and we’re making up, but the conditions are not always ideal for the perfect finish; Moreover, if one is driving goes through all the bumps and holes there, is not that there Hahaha happened to me huh? …

Well, in such a situation I gave myself the task of investigating very interesting tips that I think are very good help, they certainly prevent accidents and mainly help us achieve a nice makeup.

Notes and check the tip!

No good, I loved this tip!

Especially since we awake not always with the best rate and ability to delineate the eyes, so it is that this technique is infallible.

And if you ended lipstick or simply want to wear a different color on the lips; Kool Aid is the solution!Watch The Channel (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

And I finish with mascara, another infallible in our daily makeup and one of the most difficult when walking in the rush to go out in the morning walk. Two things that will get you off the hook and you will learn to use in practice is the duct tape and plastic spoon, and yes you heard it!

Now dear readers, there is no failure!

If you have any other makeup tip or trick for far let him in our comments section; believe me it will be very helpful to us …

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