The summer fashion mistakes … no comets!

Summer can make a bad play in a matter of style , because of the heat and the rain could get to make the occasional mistake when choosing your clothes and accessories. So you do not pass, follow these tips:

Sandals … yes or no?

Unless you’re absolutely sure it will not rain, better leave them at home. The reality is that while it’s hot, it is more likely to rain in the afternoon and ruin the day to get your feet wet and go grappling with puddles. So opt for pumps, boots or leather tennis slip on for use with skirts, dresses or jeans.

Goodbye sweater thick

We know that if the day is cool’ll want to wear sweaters but remember it’s summer, so do not make the mistake of using a sweater or cardigan thick, opt for lighter fabric open point and can be short or long but not heavy fabric.

Do not teach more

Although you die of heat, especially if you go to a school or office environment, you must take care not teach too much skin. Showbox Download Yes you can wear short skirts but do not overdo also carrying a super cleavage or bare arms. Remember that less is more.


The truth is that summer is almost a “no” definitive wearing stockings, because it is an accessory typical winter, so if the day is sunny and you want to put a dress , wear it without socks, just add a coat or sweater for protection from the cold at night.

But we have one exception: if the day is gray, you know it’s not going to the sun and not for the rain, you can use black stockings, just try not to be too thick and the rest of your look is in light colors.

Beware colors

Although it is summer, the colors you use should not be too flashy. Not to fail, opt for pastels and neutrals, and an occasional splash of color in your accessories like your bag or a statement necklace. Neutrals are also the basic for your summer looks.

This summer looks like an expert wearing the clothes and accessories to highlight not just wrong. What other summer dress error occurs to you?

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