Top 10 fashion accessories perfect for working moms in 2016

Every year there is a new range of accessories, some are perfect for your big night out, whilst others offer just the right blend of professionalism and style to add the right touch to a business outfit. The right accessories can emphasize that you are a mom but also a professional business woman who is in touch with the events of the moment. This can be an important look to create to ensure you appeal to a wide demographic. The following ten fashion accessories will ensure you always look and feel the part:

fashion accessories

  1. The watch

This is a good opportunity to wear something which is classy, elegant and a little understated. You do not want to wear a bright pink watch that tells everyone to look at you; an incredibly expensive watch sends out the wrong message to your boss and your clients. However, a watch from Tiffany’s or David Yurman can suggest you know fashion, take your job seriously and are good at it!

  1. Nails

The best nail polish is something simple. You do not wish to be distracting your clients when getting an important message across! Plain, mild colors, such as nude, burgundy or light silver create the look of someone who takes care of themselves; but is also professional.

  1. Make-up

Just as with your watch and your nails, your make-up should be minimalistic and natural looking. Glitter is a definite no and carrying a few essentials with you can ensure your make-up always looks it best.

  1. Baby powder

This surprising addition to your accessories can prove to be invaluable when trying to look fresh and professional after a long, hard day. If you don’t have time to go home or shower then some baby powder rubbed into your hair will restore its glow and make you look like you have just stepped out of the salon!

  1. Perfume

A touch of something sweet and feminine can assist in connecting with others and even help new business contacts to remember you. However, perfume should be very lightly applied. It should be detectable at an arm’s length and provide only a faint aroma.

  1. Handbag

Your handbag should be a professional looking object. A plain, preferably dark color will ensure you are taken seriously and a lack of designer labels will make sure that others do not think you are trying to show off. Designer bags are acceptable, but they must not scream designer!

  1. Jewelry

A professional business woman does not want to show too much bling, jewelry should be kept simple. Earrings, necklace and even a bracelet or two should be designed to look nice without sparkling too much. No matter how successful you are you do not need to show this to your colleagues; it will promote jealousy and issues in the workplace. Rings should also be kept simple except for the engagement or wedding ring. If you’re single, a classic signet ring with a discreet crest or beautiful engraving is also accepted.

  1. Tech gadget – the iPad

This is actually one of the most essential accessories for any business person. It has enough apps and memory to keep all your appointments and important notes whilst being small enough to carry anywhere. It will make you look more professional.

  1. Business shoes

Flat shoes or stilettos with small heels are the best option for the modern working woman. This does not mean that you cannot be stylish but you will appreciate the practicality of a small heel! After an 8 hour schedule, you’ll still be able to head to the supermarket and do some shopping, as well as take the kids from school without feeling that you’re legs are killing you.

  1. Office dress

Finally the dress you wear at the office should be relatively conservative. Add a jacket on top, and make your outfit more vibrant with a scarf. It should be enough. This is not the opportunity to have a plunging cleavage or allow your skirt to ride high! To be taken seriously you must adopt a professional look with a touch of your personality present in the color, pattern or your jewellery.

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