Christmas recipe: crunchy nougat

Who does not like to show off in the kitchen at Christmas? A homemade nougat is a good way to get it, but it is certainly a recipe, first, scary. At least until we met the formula Lluis Costa, master chocolate and author of the best craftsman croissant in the country this year.

With him we were practicing to prepare these bars filled chocolate nougat crunchy candied apple and different spices. But it is only an idea, because once you learn to make the underlying praline, we can prepare nougat with ingredients that we want more.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Is it more fun? Tempering chocolate on the table and not be tempted to eat the half in the process. Is it more complicated? Possibly put the chocolate and filling in the semicircular molds, and get out without breaking the block of nougat. But with a little practice, certainly for Christmas we have mastered our homemade chocolate and nougat becomes the star of the meal.

Ingredients (for two bars of nougat)

  • 100 gr. toasted almond
  • 100 gr. icing sugar
  • 500 gr. chocolate (65% cocoa)
  • 50 gr. candied fruit (apple in this case)
  • 20 gr. sunflower oil
  • 5g. spices
  • Waffles


To make the praline in a food processor or grinder, mix the almonds and sugar. After chop fine, add the oil, which will help the almond also release their fat and create a paste. From this basis we will make the filling, adding chocolate, candied fruit or any other ingredient that comes to mind.

To melt the chocolate we will have about 1 minute in the microwave, and depending on the power. Ideally a thermometer to check the temperature and ensure that never exceeds 50 degrees. If you do not have thermometers, we can make do with the finger must notice hot, but we get to burn.

We Melt 65 grams of chocolate in the microwave and add it to this mixture. Chop the wafer and add it to the mixture to achieve a crispy filling. We cast the candied apple into small cubes and mix of spices: cloves, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, allspice and vanilla. We reserve the mix.

We melt the remaining chocolate in the microwave (in a pair of runs 1 minute or so will be) or water bath. We will be very useful to have a thermometer to check that never pass 50 degrees. If we can not, use your finger to calculate a little eye temperature. The idea is to notice it hot, but without allowing it to burn.

Once cast, the fun begins. To cool you have to spill it on a table (best marble) and go moving with a spatula until cool down to about 31 degrees. If you do not have a thermometer, we use your finger again to be ready to learn when they notice and cold.

And not just let it cool without serving in the bowl? No. Tempering chocolate on the surface causes it to crystallize and has the texture we are looking for.

Pour the chocolate to 31 degrees above the semicircular plastic molds we use to nougat. Chocolate covered, 3-4 minutes and we expect them back. Thus, a chocolate layer has solidified and stuck to the walls while the rest will remain fall. We leave upside down until we see that chocolate goes from brilliant to have a dull tone.

We have recovered the stuffing prepared before the praline, chocolate and fruit, and pour into the molds on the chocolate layer already be dry. It is important to the edges of chocolate thoroughly cleaned and unfilled because that will be the sealing point on the chocolate layer is missing.

We waited about an hour for the temperature change (20 degrees). Can we use the fridge to speed up the process? Best not to get the chocolate is perfect.

Now comes the tricky part. Cover with more chocolate, what about removing the cover with a spatula and quite mime. We wait about 20 minutes to environment-temperature-again before turning our two bars of nougat.

How will we know when it’s ready? Again the color of chocolate is what will give us the clue: if glitters is to wait a little longer because he still has not solidified at all, and if Matt is that you’re ready.

Unmold doing some downward pressure if he resists, and decorate, for example, with some candied fruit and cinnamon, so play with the same flavors of the filling. And ready. Would not it was not that hard?

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