Eternal Rose

eternal rose

Few gifts have endured much throughout history as it is to give a rose or a bouquet of roses. So this time we present the eternal rose that never fades.Android

The beauty of the flowers to fade with the passage of time but this will not pink as it has been subjected to special treatment and appear to freshly cut forever.


If you’re curious how you could get this is because it has replaced all the water from the plant glycerol does not wither. It seems incredible truth? As it is now possible and the you can give away.

This detail is ideal for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or when you want to have a small detail simply because you fancy.


The rose is packaged in an attractive transparent box so you can give it away individually. Along with a small message of love will better.

For example you can give this surprise:

The surprise: to make it a little more special could buy a bouquet of roses and include a few eternal rose in the bouquet without noticing. All this we accompany it with a note that says “I will love you until the last rose fades.” Sure it will seem strange at first but when you realize that one of them will last forever will be a surprise for.

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