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Want to give a simple and personalized craft that is nice and quick to make at the same time? With this diy craft you can make yourself this gift called ‘re the bomb.

You see you have left up the video that explains step by step how to build it. It’s perfect to have a detail on a special day like your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc.

IDEA : This is a dynamite of chocolates with a small personalized message.


  • 3 tablets of Toblerone chocolate bars with rounded or other shaped like bones or boxes of Smarties.
  • Thin rope
  • Scissors
  • Silver foil or paper
  • Glue and zeal
  • Red card
  • Black paper
  • Round 1 cup
  • 1 ruler
  • Marker or markers.


First you have to build the cylinders. To do with the foil cut into small pieces that will place the ends of the chocolate. The purpose of this is visual, so once you get involved with the cards not see inside.

Once the foil placed in all corners of the chocolates have to cut three pieces of string about 25cm each. We will use them for sticking with zeal in the corner of the foil so that it is as if a fuse.

The third step is to wrap each tablet with cardboard. We put it in a corner and we estimate we have to use so that it is well wrapped.

We measure, we cut and paste with glue or heat (with heat is easier). We repeat the process with the other 2 tablets.

The fourth step is to unite all cylinders we have done. For them we use the black card. We cut 2 thin and long strips and will use at the ends of dynamite. Watch the video for help. It is tightly to the cylinders can not escape.

The fifth step is to make a braid with 3 strands that remain to form one. Tie a knot in the end with scissors and cut the excess.

By last we create our message. With the glass we mark a circle on the black paper and another just above it, leaving a little gap.

Eye, the second circle do not hit! We joined the circles with 2 vertical lines and cut shape on the video. Careful not to cut the whole circles but are joined in the middle.

It remains to use the pen to put “You’re the bomb” inside the message we want to convey, either a happy birthday, happy anniversary or “together we are dynamite”, etc.

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