What are the 10 original gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day

The Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to be romantic but also original. What are the most common choices to exit the traditional?

The Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14 is a date that every year becomes more important and more and more people who join the celebrations because they assure the experts of the heart is a good opportunity to be romantic…. and most original when making gifts.

Teddy bears, serenades, roses and love letters are a classic every year, but this Valentine 2014, are showing many options uncommon led by romantic dinners. The top 10 most original gifts:

  • Ballooning, whose price is about 2100 pesos
  • Parachute jump, 2180 pesos for two people.
  • Toast at home, from 360 pesos
  • Flight plane (Isla Martin Garcia), 1090 pesos.
  • Dinner sailing, for 1150 pesos
  • Flight paramotor, which costs 605 pesos.
  • Cruise on the Delta, for almost 1400 pesos.
  • Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day special, which cost from 200 pesos.
  • Romantic night for around 690 pesos.
  • Spa and massage for 500 pesos per couple.

Ricardo Barroso, MercadoLibre seller service dinner romantic boat (Tiger) commented that “while this is a very requested service throughout the year, on Valentine’s orders increased by 50%. For a month people they contact me to check for that date. ”

“We believe that this type of service like it because people are looking for fun and this is just a walk to enjoy and have fun, “he said.

Mariano Galvez, an employee of Buenos Aires Outdoors, specializing in making Ballooning, plane rides and paramotor Isla Martin Garcia stressed that “this year we expect to double sales in 2013 and understand business people, lovers or not, we choose it because it is an innovative, adrenaline and very enjoyable option.”

This year, 60 percent of Argentines celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is a good choice for romantics, according to a survey by MercadoLibre with OH! Panel.

These lovers plan to spend between 20 and 50 percent more than in 2013 in buying her gifts. While 31% say Showbox Download it will remain at the same level of expenditure; only 7.3% plan to invest 50% more in a nice gift for your partner.

To purchase these gifts, 60% of respondents use the Internet, especially because it finds more original options (52%) and also for convenience (33.9%). While 22% use it because it is faster and another 24% because it is cheaper.

With respect to the types of gifts that lovers regale, in the same way as last year, the most preferred are fashion products (38%) and classic gifts such as teddy bears, flowers or chocolates, followed by technological gifts ( 17%). On the other hand, despite the proximity of the date, 23% do not already have decided.

From the Argentina Chamber of Medium Enterprises (CAME), his spokesman Vicente Lourenzo, highlighted minutouno.com that “the items that every year have an additional daily movement are chocolates, florist and lingerie for women. Also, coupons discount induce and promote these items contributing to this additional consumption. ”

This year, it is estimated that the quantities sold in retail stores will increase by 2.5 percent mainly because the more people willing to celebrate, which in 2014 had exceeded 950,000 people.

Traditional symbolic items of Romanticism as ‘Flowers & Plants’, ‘Chocolates and sweets’, ‘Perfume’, ‘Tarjeter√≠as and Souvenirs’ ‘Underwear’ or ‘Bijouterie’ were public elections indicates the CMEA.

Valentine characteristic compared to other celebrations, it is the search for original gifts, unique, special. That opens the door to all businesses, small, medium and large, develop ideas to tempt the consumer.

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